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Was it a twist of fate? Was it just meant to be? I don’t think there really is a way of knowing for sure. I do have to admit that my brain, which tends to get pulled more toward the logical side, does want to believe in the existence of some kind of destiny or for events to happen for a reason. That’s quite contrary to my usual line of thinking but I guess I hope that things don’t just happen randomly and for no good reason.

Was it bound to happen? Was she meant to walk into my life? I don’t know. Maybe it was pure coincidence or an accident. Maybe our paths would never have crossed had I done something else at that time. Then again, maybe my persistence pushed that destiny in a certain direction and shaped it this particular way. Maybe you can influence it if you want it bad enough. It’s obviously all theoretical at this point.

What I do know is that once you get to the stage where you can ask these kinds of questions, because life has given you something special, that is really just the beginning. The important thing is what you do after that. That you take advantage of what you have. That you appreciate and nurture it. Wasting it might just be bad karma and you don’t want to mess with the universe. Yes, I used to be logical once upon a time. She sure took care of that!


too sweet, i wonder if it’s real in anything but print


She provokes and challenges me. She makes me think and reevaluate things.

She’s loyal and protective. A complete and kind soul who always gives first.

She worries too much because she cares so much. Usually about others rather than herself.

She is funny, exciting and down to earth. I can never get enough of her.

She turns me on quickly and so easily. She surprises me in ways I could never have imagined.

She is classy and sexy and dirty and kinky. All at the same time.

She is special and doesn’t even realize it. That’s probably part of her appeal.

She picked me. Sometimes I’m not sure why. I try to prove to her whenever I can that she made the right decision. She deserves nothing less!

I hope someone will write this about me someday…..:/

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